AutoCount Payroll

Managing your staff payroll & HR remotely is not a dream anymore with  AutoCount Payroll

Get rolling with a cloud-based payroll & HR software that is




Real time HR Dashboard provides total visibility into your payroll & HR information anytime, anywhere at a glance.


Feature-rich platform that is auto-updated on an ongoing basis. You never have to worry about expensive hardware investment and expensive software updates.


Be it e-Leave, e-Claim, e-Profile, get first hand updates instantly online, you can now avoid the tedious paper works.


Automatically back up all your payroll & HR data to the cloud. Most importantly, we guarantee the confidentiality of your data.


Pay for only what you use. The most cost efficient payroll software in Malaysia that charge by per employee user instead of block rates.


No more cumbersome submissions, no more manual processing. Simple and easy data import for time & attendance information.

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HR Dashboard feature enables you to see the overall employee’s information, Pay scale and other details. Everything is accessible and ready whenever needed. Save you time on digging into data details or pulling reports with the built-in report designer function.

Claim Module

Our unique claim system features differentiate us from other payroll software providers in the market. This claim system allows HR personnel to setup what items are eligible to be claimed from the company. This will help HR to manage claims consistently and create greater conveniences for employees to submit their claims without using hardcopy submissions.

Loan Module

Loan system allows the company to calculate and track if there is any loan provided to employees. By having this information in the system, employers can pull out reports from the system to keep themselves up to date on the loan status.

Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portal

Allowed employees to download soft copy of monthly payslip and EA form from the portal

✔️ Enable employees to update their personal information easily

✔️ Apply for leave and submit claims online. Going paperless is good for our environment too

✔️ Leave information summary view

✔️ Department Managers can get instant access to respective team information at fingertips without any wait time for HR reports

Customise Your Leave

✔️ Perform leave adjustments either to increase or reduce the leave of specific employees

✔️HR can create different types of leave where applicable

✔️ Customizes staff leave entitlement to cater for your business needs

✔️ Employees can apply for their leave online conveniently without any hard copy form required. Whereas, the employer/managers can approve the leave anytime, anywhere.

Fully Integrated with AutoCount Accounting

Integrates easily with AutoCount Accounting software to give you greater efficiency.

Product Features

• AutoCount Payroll setup wizard for the ease of first time users

• Displays payroll & HR history in tabular and graphical format

• Capable to support different formula calculations for overtime pay rate

• Validate and eliminate errors in payroll tax deductions using the embedded LHDN-PCB calculator

• Comprehensive analytics and management reports

• Built-in report designer with pay slip design function

• Link to online banking facilities of major banks

• Support web-based submission of Income Tax, EPF and SOCSO reports

• Specially tailored to meet the rules and regulation as stipulated under the Malaysian Labor Law

• Embedded with Malaysian Labor Act guide as handy references

• Automatically backup your data to a trusted server. No more worry on a power outage shutting your system down


If your company number of employees is range from 3 to 500.

If you are experiencing a database speed problem.

If you experienced difficulty in payroll & HR software.

If you want to submit EPF, Income Tax and SOCSO online.

AutoCount Cloud Payroll Packages Comparison

Payroll BasicPayroll Premium
SubscriptionFrom RM 40From RM 44
e-Leave Module
e-Claim Module
Employee Self-Service Portal
Employee Profile Management
PCB Calculator with Pre-filled Data capabilities for verification in LHDN calculator
Calendar Maintenance
Employee Salary
Statutory Type
Report Modules
Electronic Payment
Payroll (commission/claim/bonus/ad-hoc)
eApproval (Leave and Claim)Single UserMultiple User
Email Notifications
Loan Repayment Scheduler
Formula calculations
Report Designer
Direct Bank Integation
Multiple Bank Account Payout
Advanced Calendar
Support (Online Chat/Tutorial Video)
Individual Account Security Feature: 2-Factor Authentification

Our Mobile App is now available

AutoCount Cloud Payroll mobile app lets employers and employees be as productive on their mobile devices as they are at their desks. It gives you access to powerful features all within a unified and intuitive mobile experience.

Download the app for mobile access at: